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The supply chain model in today’s Irish Life Science market has evolved significantly in the last 10 years and is set to change even more radically in the future. The factors driving this change include:

  • Multi-national facilities moving from single activity manufacturing sites to multi-purpose/multi-product  campuses providing extended value to the overall organisations outside of core manufacturing
  • Increased supplier management from Irish facilities of the extended CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organisation)/ TPM (Third Party Manufacturing) supply chain
  • More complex drug products being produced in Ireland requiring cold-chain and specialised packaging, handling and logistics
  • Reduction of inventory through supply chain mapping and a move towards a more accurate demand forecast
  • Increasingly we are seeing Global teams being built in Ireland to do end-to-end drug supply chain management (SCM) from Demand planning, Sales forecasting, Materials & Resource planning (MRP), S&OP through to Inventory management,  order/customer fulfilment and even Reverse Logistics.

As the healthcare industry advances from a “one-size-fits-all” approach to patient care, towards one of personalisation, wellness and connected individualised treatment the supply chains of the future will need to evolve too. Supply chains will need to be more responsive, flexible, cost effective and reliable as we potentially see requirements/orders originating directly from the patient via smart devices, feeding directly into an extended patient centric ecosystem driving instant supply chain action. These scientific and technology advances are not that far away.  This future will place new and exciting challenges on the leading ERP systems, as they adapt to manage internal and CMO deliverables and continue to change in this evolving world.

Individuals with supply-chain management experience in the Life Science sector or in adjacent sectors managing controlled product supply chains on a global scale are in demand. Experience in global regulatory requirements and licensing, management of complex multi-site/multi-country manufacturing supply-chains, management of a controlled product (cold-chain experience required more often for Biotech product) and negotiation and management of complex vendor contracts are key skills.  Today LSC work with leading Irish and multinational clients to resource their supply chain teams. We are always looking for QA and supply chain professionals.

LSC have seen an increase in the last few years for QA specialists to manage “virtual” manufacturing operations. The complexity of the virtual operation can vary from one or two phases of the process to the entire outsourcing of the drug production and packaging process. The QA specialists need to release products to downstream sites with the assurance that the goods will be manufactured in conformance with all applicable company policies and procedures and in compliance with governing regulations. These roles are driving the need for QA specialists with a more diverse range of skills such as program management, relationship management and strong problem solving skills as well as a willingness to travel.

Whatever your supply chain, supplier management or QA background, if you can’t find what you are looking for below, then please contact LSC at:

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