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Contracting In Denmark’s Life Science Sector

The Life Science Industry in Denmark is Europe’s hotspot for research and development in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical sectors. It has superior competencies in Biotechnology development and one of the largest medical technology industries in the world. Their broad expertise in design, engineering and clinical research has created one of the strongest life sciences clusters globally and phenomenal career opportunities for experienced Engineers & Scientists who can support this cutting-edge industry.

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Denmark was ranked the best country in Europe for biotech research and development in 2019

Life In Denmark

LSC have been supporting the Danish Life Science Industry for 18 years and have helped many consultants make the move to progress their career in this cutting edge industry securing jobs within the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device Industries.

Here are some of the reasons our consultants choose to work in Denmark:

  • English is widely spoken and used extensively in business
  • Attractive project rates
  • 3rd in the world on work-life balance
  • Low levels of inequality. Denmark has the highest percentage of women working outside the home in Europe
  • Strong Infrastructure, including 4 international airports and integrated railway system making travel within Europe easy!

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The Danish Life Science industry employs more than 49,000 workers and in 2020 accounted for 22% of all Danish exports

Hear from the LSC team in Denmark

We caught up with LSC consultant Lanre (Process Design Engineer), who recently made the move to Kalundborg to build up his industry experience and gain exposure to a new culture and a new way of working.

Find out what Lanre had to say about life and work in Denmark’s biotech city

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