Have you considered Automation?

Posted Apr 20, 2017

The future is all about Automation!

Everywhere you turn from automated driverless cars to Adidas’ new “Speedfactory” in Germany and even McDonalds considering automating their burger flipping. The world of work is changing like never before.

It took approximately 50 years to install the first million industrial robots. It is estimated that it will take eight years to install the second million! While this removes the need for many manual labour jobs it creates enormous opportunities for automation specialists to design, program, install and maintain these systems.

The Irish pharma & biotech facilities are also embracing this change and we have seen a significant increase in the scope and complexity of automation being designed and installed in Ireland. Within the biopharma market the Emerson DeltaV automation system is by far the market leader and will be installed in approx. 80% of the new builds currently under construction.

LSC have partnered with Emerson Process Management to resource their growing project teams in Ireland. LSC are looking for ambitious, technically driven and adaptable graduate/junior Engineers, with a proven team focus, to join the Emerson process management European biopharma teams in Dublin and Cork.

Emerson offer clear career paths and excellent opportunities to gain comprehensive training in their automation systems. This includes three months of intensive training for graduate/junior project engineers at a specialist training centre.

Further Automation Information

If you want a career that shapes the world around us, then this is an opportunity for you!

Meet Emerson at the NIBRT annual “Careers in Biopharma” event on Saturday April 29th at the NIBRT facility in Dublin. Click here to register for the event!

To find out more about opportunities with Emerson contact Eoin at LSC email: [email protected]