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The Pharmaceutical Industry in Ireland

The Pharmaceutical industry in Ireland comprises of a mix of international and local companies. Approximately 120 overseas companies have plants in Ireland including 9 of the 10 largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world. Ireland is now recognised as being one of the top global hubs for Life Sciences and it is a vital part of the Irish economy with 50% of all Ireland’s exports are now Pharmaceuticals.

Ireland’s Pharmaceutical History

The original focus of Pharmaceutical companies based in Ireland was the bulk production of active Pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). These were then exported and processed into finished products in other countries. As Ireland’s industry developed, companies began to expand their plants and a greater proportion of final manufacturing and processing was carried out here.

This expansion of the role played by the Irish Pharma industry has continued apace with many companies developing “campuses” which facilitate multiple activities on the one site or due to the relative small size of the island of Ireland a virtual “Campus-Ireland”.

Ireland now hosts extended manufacturing supply chains from API production to finished goods for market delivery. Ireland has also attracted high value add activities such as European and Global sales and marketing teams, Commercial operations, Shared services centres, Research and Development centres, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory affairs all supporting the delivery of lifesaving drugs.

Excellent quality control procedures alongside the quick adoption of new technologies and processes has kept the country at the forefront of the industry and ensured Ireland remains on the shortlist for companies considering investing in new facilities and technologies.

Today’s Pharma Industry

Ireland continues to attract and grow our Pharmaceuticals base by:

  • In the National Development Plan covering the years 2007-2013, the government invested over €8 billion in the Science, Technology and Innovation strategy. One of the main aims was to encourage Ireland’s position as a centre for excellence in these areas and to encourage an “entrepreneurial science culture”.
  • Providing a welcoming tax environment,
  • The government has been very successful in using its government agencies and funding initiatives to attract new investment. Both the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) and Enterprise Ireland have been instrumental in the success of this strategy and in providing support and promoting innovation across the sector.
  • The reputation of the Irish workforce for hard work, flexibility and professionalism is a key factor
  • Focussed training facilities and third level educational facilities providing high calibre graduates
  • An increase in the number and calibre of research institutes such as NIBRT (in DCU), SSPC (in UL), SBI research center (UCD), APC (UCC)

In August 2016 the Expert Group on Future Skill Needs looking at the Irish Biopharma market estimated that Bio and Pharma manufacturing will generate over 8,000 new jobs from 2016 to 2020. Importantly, this investment has come both from companies expanding their existing plants, but also from new companies setting up in Ireland for the first time.

While most of the major new facility construction projects are in the Biopharma sector (i.e. large molecule vaccines and biologics), we are seeing the existing Pharmaceutical sites expanding their product portfolios and increasing their footprint in the supply chain by adding additional process steps. These increased process steps may include development and commercialisation activities. A good example of a site which has increased it’s value added activities is MSD in Ballydine. MSD Ballydine was founded in the 70’s as a bulk API manufacturing site. Since 2005 the mandate for the site was changed to add formulation processes and a commercialisation centre which works with the research laboratories to prove out the manufacturing process and scale up for clinical trials and commercialisation.

All of this activity has led to a lot of opportunities and career options for those looking to join the pharmaceutical industry across the country.

Our API clients are looking for Chemical Process Engineers, Process Validation, Cleaning Validation, Quality Assurance, QC, Documentation Control, Formulation Scientists, Automation Engineers, Equipment Engineers and Chemical Engineers.

Our tabletting/OSD/Packaging clients are looking for similar skills including Packaging Engineers, Graphics designers, Qualified Persons (QP), Supply Chain professionals and regulatory affairs professionals.

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