LSC talk to Henning Brink Haltrup about partnering with LSC and opportunities in Denmark

Posted Nov 14, 2018

We are very pleased to welcome Henning Brink Haltrup to the LSC team. Henning will be partnering with us to support our Danish clients in the Pharma and Biotech sectors. Henning, with his extensive market knowledge, will build on our 15 years of existing business with our Danish clients. This partnership is a signal of our long-term commitment to the Danish market and our intent to grow and develop our project resourcing business in Denmark.

Welcome to the LSC team Henning. Can you tell us a little about your background and what you’ll be doing at LSC?

I am excited about this opportunity to work directly with LSC. I have known Kieran and the LSC team for over 10 years while they supported the NNE team in Denmark (and globally), and when NNE (previously NNE Pharmaplan) had an office in Ireland for 3-4  years. I am an electrical engineer who has worked in the Danish Pharma and Biotech sector for over 22 years in various roles including for the last 15 years as an account manager with NNE (the largest global engineering specialists in Pharma and Biotech) supporting clients in Denmark and globally in India, China, USA France, Switzerland and Germany.

What is happening at the moment in the Danish Pharma and Biotech sector?

The Danish Life Sciences market is very busy right now and this will continue for the next few years. There are a number of new greenfield sites and exciting facility upgrades occurring at the moment in Denmark  with more developments expected to be announced in the coming months. During this expansion and growth phase of the industry in Denmark there is a need for experienced engineers and scientists who can help the industry to ramp up and meet the project demands.

What are the main roles and skills in demand in the Danish market?

At the moment there are multiple challenges facing the industry from ramping up capacity of new Biotech treatments to the changing manufacturing technologies and processes (i.e. single use, IIOT, Increased automation and robotics etc.) to the evolving role of factories as they move to multi-drug low-volume rapid-turnaround manufacturing. These changes offer opportunities to consultants in all aspects of manufacturing processes and technologies.

How can LSC support the Danish Pharma and Biotech sector?

LSC have 15 years’ experience in the European Life Sciences market and a great understanding of project needs and skill requirements, LSC’s wide network of consultants can bring professionals with skill-sets that are in demand from across Europe to support client projects in Denmark.

Also, Irish consultants have a very good reputation in the Danish market. They are seen as being very flexible, mobile, come with excellent industry experience and have a good work ethic.  Another advantage is that all major Pharma and Biotech projects operate in English and the Irish have a clear communication style that fits in well.

Are there currently opportunities for consultants from other European countries (for example Ireland, UK) to work in Denmark?

Denmark is a very multi-cultural country. English is widely spoken and is used extensively in business. The Danish Pharma and Biotech sector has been using overseas consultants for many years to augment and support their existing Danish teams. With the strong forecast growth and the shortage of certain key skills in the Danish market, coupled with the very attractive project rates on offer, there has never been a better time to consider these opportunities.