LSC are partnering with Emerson in Ireland to resource the expansion of their Life Science projects teams and staff. We caught up with senior members of the team to find out more about Emerson’s activity and upcoming job opportunities in Ireland.


Emerson is a technology and engineering company that provides solutions to process industries to measure, analyse, control and regulate complex manufacturing processes. In Ireland Emerson is predominately focused on the Life Sciences Industry.

Ireland is recognised in Emerson as having expertise within the Life Science Industry. Any Life Science project in Europe that requires in-depth technical support, will reach out to their team of SME’s in Ireland to support projects in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Iceland and more.

Emerson Ireland are proud to say that we are supporting the efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic by executing Biotech projects with  Life Science customers. Our products are used extensively in the research, development and production of the vaccines and other related medicines.

Emerson are actively working with several Biotech customers on their journey to Digital Transformation (DT). Both IoT and DT are key elements in the Life Science industry and Emerson are leading the way in the adoption of these technologies. It is through our role as a “Trusted Advisor” together with our award winning products that we are able to support and guide customers on their Digital Transformation Journey.

Let’s not forget about our installed base. We have many customers in Ireland that rely on Emerson to ensure their facilities are operating at 100% efficiency and are sustainable into the future. We support them by offering technology upgrades and managed services. We have developed strong partnerships within the Irish Life Science industry, through our commitment to customers in both our products and services.

What type of person does well at Emerson?

Emerson are looking for Engineers who can adopt the mentality of doing things in a new way and have a fearless approach to problem solving. Those who can deal with the unknown, manage ambiguity and deliver the solutions to our customers problems.

What’s the best thing about working with Emerson?

I especially enjoy the projects nature of our work. Each client and site is completely different. It’s never the same! Big projects, small projects there is always something unique. I like that you get to meet a client at the very inception of a project, with a blank page in front of you and you get to design, implement, install and commission a system and then two years later you watch as it actually produces a tangible product.

Dave Mullins, Director Projects & Services Ireland at Emerson Automation Solutions

One of the best things about Emerson is we can say we built it. We not only executed projects and manage facilities, we also have a whole team of people making all these crazy, top of the range, tech stuff that does all these wonderful things!

In November 2020 , CBS News ran a story about COVID-19 vaccine breakthroughs. They discussed the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines that have both been developed in record time. They showed footage of the equipment used to manufacture the vaccines on a large scale. When you look carefully at the footage you can clearly see the Emerson products. How can you not be excited about that?

Simon Capewell, Engineering Manager Ireland at Emerson Automation Solutions

Hear from Emerson’s CEO

Emerson’s CEO Lal Karsanbhai talks to how Emerson support essential industries and drives innovation to makes the world healthier, safer, smarter and more sustainable. Click here to watch the full video

What does the future hold for Automation Engineers at Emerson?

If you choose a career in Life Science Automation and you are curious, hard working and not afraid of ambiguity, you will excel!
Within a few years of working at Emerson you could excel to be a trusted advisor or SME to a multi-million euro Life Science facility that is producing medicines to cure the world’s worst diseases of the 21st century. Now that is exciting!

Simon Capewell, Engineering Manager Ireland

Ready to join the Emerson Team?

If you’re interested in joining Emerson Ireland get in contact with Paul O’ Driscoll or Patrick Cattell at LSC today to discuss current job opportunities or explore hot jobs below!


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