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Contracting with LSC means you are supported throughout your career. Our consultants are at the heart of everything we do and we have a unique organisational structure designed to deliver consultant success.

From contract set up to contract extensions our Consultant Care team are here to answer your everyday questions, while our Resourcing team are always at hand to connect you with the best opportunities in the Life Sciences. Learning and Development, Personal Branding and Mentorship have been added to our model to help LSC consultants develop in their current roles to achieve career success.

Learning and Development, Personal Branding and Mentorship

Learning and Development

(L&D) initiative is available exclusively for LSC consultants. Through this process LSC will facilitate and support you to define and plan the next steps in your career development. You will be provided with advice on suggested courses, soft skills, experience and professional networking opportunities that will benefit your career.

Personal Branding

We will work with you to ensure your skills, experience, achievements and values are best reflected online and offline to improve your professional visibility. This includes advice on training and educational support, networking – both internal and external and profile building. This program encompasses updating your Linkedin profile, professional achievements and skillsets and raising your onsite profile.


Mentorship is open to all of our consultants. On this program we offer an opportunity for professionals to seek advice and knowledge in a one on one environment from other industry professionals. Participation is dependent on the availability of an appropriate mentor/mentee at the time.

LSC's Consultant Care

LSC’s Consultant Care is a dedicated team working to ensure the hassle is taken out of the contracting process, from the day you join LSC. Our team will ensure the process flows as seamlessly as possible so you can focus on getting your work done! LSC are unique in having a dedicated consultant care team whose focus is YOU.


Excellence is at the core of what we do. Our Resourcing team have access to the best projects with blue chip clients and ensure that you only see the contracts that you want to see. We deliver valuable and relevant information on the market, technology and clients enabling you to make the best decision possible for your career.

If you would like access to our Consultant Success Programme explore opportunities with LSC today!
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