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Biotech & Biopharma Engineering Careers

Biotech drugs (vaccines, biologics) continue to gain traction in the Life Sciences sector. Annual sales of Biopharmaceuticals are now estimated at over $280 billion globally, and an increasing number and percentage of Pharmaceuticals entering the market are Biopharmaceuticals. Ireland has successfully grown its presence in this market niche and is now recognized as one of the top global Biopharma manufacturing hubs.

Ireland now has a strong cluster of Biopharma companies which offer future economies of scale and has a good regional spread. The industry is embedded in the economy and is not driven by just the tax environment. The skills available are just one part of the Irish competitive advantage to the sector.

In March 2017 an Expert Group on Future Skills Needs released a review on the skills needs of the Biopharmaceutical industry (small and large molecule manufacturing and Biopharmaceutical related services) in Ireland up to 2020. This group from across all sectors of the industry in association with the Department of jobs, Enterprise and Innovation produced a major report looking at the industry drivers, needs, roadblocks and opportunities.

As facilities become more automated and complex the teams required for their development, operation and support grows. The burgeoning emphasis on knowledge management and the exponential growth in manufacturing and product/ process data from systems such as MES, PAT and serialisation has given rise to new roles in areas such as data analytics and statistics as well as an increased regulatory focus on data integrity. The Biotechnology and Biologics manufacturing processes are also changing with single use technologies (with the associated challenge of Leachables and Extractables), move from batch to continuous processing, Continuous process verification (CPV) and paperless manufacturing all driving improvements.

The Biopharmaceutical industry needs professionals with experience in the Biotech process from Media & Buffer prep, Cell culture, Growth promotion, Upstream fermentation, Filtration, Chromatography, Downstream Harvest, Ultrafiltration, Waste Deactivation and Cleaning processes.

The roles our clients are looking for include:

  • Bioprocess Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Bioprocess Specialist
  • Microbiologists
  • CQV Engineer
  • Cleaning Validation Engineers
  • Tech services Engineers
  • Tech Services Scientist
  • E&I Engineers
  • Process Scientists
  • Automation Engineer
  • MES Engineer
  • CSV Engineer
  • Process Validation Engineer
  • Utilities Engineer
  • Facilities Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • QC and QA Specialists
  • Supplier Quality
  • Clean Utilities Engineer
  • Commissioning Engineers

As the global Biopharma market continues to grow, Ireland is perfectly placed with it’s support infrastructure and depth of technical expertise to continue to attract foreign direct investment and to expand further.

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