PAYE Consultants

Pay Dates

Payroll is processed on a monthly basis. You will be paid on the first Friday after the last Sunday of the month. Please find a copy of the salary payments calendar below which details on what date each month you will be paid and when your timesheets are due by.

2023 Payroll Calendar (PAYE)

2024 Payroll Calendar (PAYE)

Registering as a PAYE employee with Revenue

If this is your first employment with Revenue, you will need to register LSC as your employer with Revenue. Instructions on how to do this online and what information you require can be seen in the document below.

If it is not your first employment you do not need to register LSC as your employer with the Revenue, we will register this for you.

Registering as a PAYE employee with Revenue

Queries on Payslips or Tax Credits

Should you have any queries on your payslip please contact [email protected]. Any queries on tax credits should be directed to the revenue through MyEnquiries on the myAccount portal or by calling the revenue at 01 738 3636.  If this your first employment and you do not have myAccount set up you need to set it up as soon as possible. Please note that LSC cannot discuss tax details on behalf of employees with the revenue due to GDPR reasons.

Pension Contributions

Unio Wealth Management are our appointed pension advisors. Please feel free to get in touch with them for more information on setting up a pension. Be sure to advise them that you are contracting with LSC. Following three months of service, you are entitled to contribute to a designated pension. LSC do not make contributions, we only facilitate pension contributions for LSC consultants. This can be facilitated through payroll deductions.

Contact Unio Wealth Management

LTD Consultants

LTD Self-Billing Invoices

Self-bill invoices are invoices created on behalf of the Ltd Company Consultant by LSC. Once you have submitted a timesheet and it has been approved by your Manager, LSC can create a self-bill invoice and then process your payment.

Please ensure that you have your timesheets completed and approved by the Friday following the month-end cut-off date. Please see below 2023 and 2024 calendars for your reference. We will ensure that once your timesheets are approved and received by us, your invoice will be e-mailed to you and the payment will be made on time.

If you are operating through a specialist contractor accountant (Icon Accounting, Contracting Plus or Fenero) and you have sent/submitted your timesheets to us and they have been approved, LSC will send the specialist contractor accountant the invoices and pay by the 15th of the month following the billing cycle. The payroll agent will process your payroll once they receive the funds to your company’s bank account.

2023 LTD Calendar

2024 LTD Calendar

Pay Dates

LSC will pay invoices on the 15th of the month following the receipt of your approved timesheets and the issue of self-bill invoices.