Continuous professional development to achieve career success!

Posted Feb 4, 2021

The LSC Team Talk

Name: Roxana Manta-Bielanski
Position: Project Manager
Project: Pharmaceutical

At LSC we’re big believers in committing to continuous professional development to achieve career success!

We recently caught up with LSC consultant Roxana, who grasped the opportunity to become PMP certified optimising her newfound time amid Covid. Find out what Roxana had to say about the benefits of ongoing learning for career progression and why she’s not prepared to stop investing in continuous professional development any time soon!

Tell us a little about your career history and how you progressed to become a Project Manager in a world leading Pharma company?
Since I started my professional career in 2004, most of the roles I’ve held had a big project management component. The first time I used project management practices was when I joined TKA+Partners, an architectural and interior design firm based in Chicago, IL. I continued applying the same practices while I pursued my undergraduate and graduate chemistry research work. While I was in my PhD program, I realized that I did not want to continue the research path, so I took a Project Management position with a small molecule CDMO in the Chicago area. It was the perfect role for me. It allowed me to combine my “hard” chemistry skills that I acquired in research with my “soft” interpersonal skills that I developed previously. So, when we relocated to Ireland, I continued my professional career in project management in the Pharmaceutical industry. Practicing project management in the Pharmaceutical industry is important to me as it provides me with purpose and the opportunity to have a great impact in people’s lives.

Briefly, what does your current role entail?
I currently manage large molecule manufacturing projects.

What made you decide to undertake a PMP certification at this point in your career?
Getting PMP-certified has been a professional goal for several years. However, I had little time to invest in preparing for this very rigorous exam. It was only after I relocated to Ireland and Covid-19 made its presence in our lives that I was able to restart this journey. With Covid-19 present, I was able to work remotely and use the 3 hours I previously spent commuting to take a course and study.

How has this benefitted you personally and professionally?
It gave me more tools in my project management toolbox. No matter how many projects I have led before, I always see room for personal improvement.

How have LSC supported you in your upskilling journey?
Regina Carroll, LSC’s Consultant Success Coordinator, offered me the opportunity to join the PM course offered by Velopi which was instrumental to me passing the PMP exam.

For those working on busy projects in the Life Sciences with limited free time – what would be your advice to someone currently considering undertaking an upskilling course?
This is a difficult question as I have no ground-breaking solution. What worked for me was the opportunity to work from home, a flexible manager, and a very supportive husband that took on more child rearing and house work responsibilities, so I could pursue my dreams (Thank you Matthew!).

Now that you are PMP certified – are you going to take a break from training or have you any future upskilling plans?
When you cease to continue your professional development, you start becoming obsolete. We live in a very fast-paced world and only with continuous professional development we can keep up with new technologies. I am very interested in Lean Six Sigma methodology, Change Management, and Operational Excellence, so I would say these are next on my professional development horizon!

If you’re looking to upskill in the Life Sciences click here to find out how LSC’s Consultant Success Programme supports career development to achieve career success!