Our commitment to all of our contractors from the Team in LSC.

       Career Advisors: We guarantee an open and professional relationship with a dedicated staff member from initial job discussion, right through your time with LSC and beyond.

       Trust is a must: We ensure complete confidentiality in all our communications with you.. We will not put you forward for any project without receiving your permission first.

       Professional: We work to understand your  individual needs and represent you professionally in any contract negotiations with our clients


  • We respond to every request to join the LSC team
  • We will work with you to ensure you put your best foot forward in all communication with our clients  and that you are as well prepared as you can be for any application or interview.
  • Provide clear information on each client’s processes and expectations.
  • Undertake any relevant vetting for specific clients (references, educational background check, etc.)
  • Keep In touch throughout the period from accepting the contract to starting your new contract.
  • Call you on your 1st day, 1st week and 1st month to make sure you’re settling in well and address any queries you may have.

Meet with you on-site and, where possible, provide feedback from the client you’re working for

       Make sure your initial timesheets are all recorded correctly and approved in time for your first payment (and every other payment after that).

       Long term: Keep regular contact throughout your contract and actively work to extend your contract and/or secure future assignments for you

At LSC our mission is to be the best consultancy in the Life Sciences market.

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