LSC welcome George O' Kelly as Head of Global Sales

Posted Jun 3, 2019

LSC are very excited to welcome George O’Kelly as LSC’s Head of Global Sales.

Welcome to the LSC team George. Can you tell us a little about your background and what you’ll be doing at LSC?

I have spent the last number of years in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device arena helping customers to deliver large and complex projects to extremely challenging deadlines with equally challenging budgets! My background began in Operations in the printing industry before starting in the Pharma/Med Device field where I upskilled quickly, particularly in the Serialisation sector. This opened up opportunities for me to deal with large scale projects that spanned multiple disciplines and introduced me to decision makers at many levels, both locally and globally, within the industry. Moving from project delivery to operational hand-over saw the need to be able to source and supply high calibre resources and is an area that will be vibrant over the coming years.

Are there any specific reasons why you decided to join the LSC team?

I have known LSC for the past 6 years or so while working in the Pharma and Med Device space. They have an excellent reputation in the industry for being honest, straight talking industry experts who are always highly recommended by consultants and clients alike.  They have grown strongly over the last few years and following an opportunity to speak with Kieran about the future strategic plan for the business I was really excited and believe that the opportunities and potential for growth are enormous. I’m looking forward to joining the team and bringing my experience to bear to contribute to this growth trajectory.

As someone who has worked in the Life Science industry for over six years what future trends do you think will most impact the Irish Life Science sector?

Continued growth in Biotech and new high-end project potentials as the sector prepares for Gene therapy and Genomics, with increasingly complex manufacturing processes. Companies are already looking for locations offering the technical expertise to build and manage complex processes. Ireland is ideally placed to become the go-to location as can be witnessed by recent expansion plans and new entrants into the marketplace.

There is significant interest in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and great opportunities are arising in the areas of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Big Data and Robotics. Increased automation and IT integration into streamlining the manufacturing processes will require ongoing skilled resource requirements. This will offer more opportunities for IT graduates and MES experts to thrive in the sector.

What do you think poses the biggest challenge to the Life Science industry?

Resource constraints – not enough people with in-depth biotech knowledge due to the rapid growth of the sector. The industry needs to continue to invest in graduate programs to bring in the best and brightest and also to provide upskilling and cross training for professionals to relieve some of the pressure in the sector. This is a problem we are seeing across Europe not just in Ireland.

Brexit – offers us opportunities and challenges in equal measure. The potential brain drain from the UK following Brexit offers us a potential highly skilled resource stream. The challenges around supply chains and industry partners based in the UK and how to move products from Ireland to Mainland Europe becomes more challenging. There has already been an inward flow to Ireland of UK companies as part of their Brexit strategy to maintain a European presence to guarantee supply chain commitments. These companies will create more employment opportunities but also put a strain on the current resourcing challenges.

How are LSC addressing the current challenges in the Life Science Industry?

LSC are bringing together their 15 years of industry experience and expanding their offering to allow clients to build highly skilled project teams using multiple management processes. Because LSC are a medium sized company they can offer the ability to offer scale to clients and still offer a flexible client focussed engagement model. This enables clients to find the best solution without having to compromise on their systems or procedures.

LSC’s Managed Service Provision (MSP) solution, which is currently being rolled out to clients, is a prime example of their USP. It couples industry experience and knowledge, with clear robust processes and an uncompromising quality focus. The team that LSC have assembled has the pedigree to remove the traditional resourcing constraints that companies have encountered and LSC offer committed consultants that deliver through to the end of the project with very impressive retention and closure rates. The community of Consultants that LSC manages is positioned very strongly to meet the burning need of our customers. Onwards and upwards . . .

If you need help building your project team click here to contact George today!