Career Events February & March 2017

Posted Mar 1, 2017

Last week we presented at the IACR (Irish Association of Cancer Researchers) career event for early stage researchers in Kilkenny on career opportunities in the Irish pharma/biotech sector. It gave us an opportunity to meet with PhD students and Post-Doc researchers doing ground breaking work in cancer research across Ireland. The level of scientific capability on display during the event bodes well for the future of the research community in Ireland. We were highly impressed with the level of effort currently underway in Irish third level institutes.

Tomorrow we will be sharing our career advice at the ISPE YP (the life science industry – casting your career) event in Dublin. This is the ISPE Young Professionals first student focused event for those graduating in 2017 and planning to enter the life science Industry. This will be an opportunity for us to meet with student engineers and scientists in an informal setting to share our industry knowledge and provide some information as to the future direction of the industry. There are amazing opportunities in the life science sector and we are always happy to answer the “where to next” for those considering career options in the industry.

We look forward to seeing all who can make it tomorrow. For those of you who can’t one of our recommendations to graduates is spend time on your CV! This applies to all job seekers, but we understand writing a CV can be particularly difficult for those who may not have a lot of work experience. With this in mind we have put together videos on our website which provide advice on how to write a CV and another focusing on the importance of soft skills. We always advocate that a CV is a sales document that sells your potential to a future employer. Well worth checking out for any graduates looking for CV tips!

Click here for our CV tips video
Click here for our soft skills video

To register for the ISPE Ireland YP event- the life science industry –casting your career follow this link: