At LSC our dedicated consultant care team will be in contact regularly to answer any questions that may arise during your contract but in the mean time we’ve summarised the questions we get asked most frequently below.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us today!

Our dedicated consultant care team are always happy to hear from you!
Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

For any contract/rate/general queries you can contact Aoife Kiely our contracts care administrator at [email protected]

For any queries on timesheet/invoice/annual leave you can contact our accounts team at [email protected]

We like to hold on-site clinics regularly to meet with our consultants. One of our consultant care team will usually be present along with one of our resourcing team. We will inform you via email prior to our visit!

We hold social & technical events giving us the opportunity to meet outside of an office setting – we’ll keep you informed via email of any upcoming events.

We’ll be in touch approx. 2 months before your contract is coming to an end to see what route you want to take next!

If you’re happy in your current role our consultant care team will follow up with your client company 6 weeks before your contract is due to expire and will keep you updated on all progress/feedback!

If you’re looking for a change we’ll work with you to move you to a new project or role that best suits your career goals!

You can register as an employee of LSC using the Revenue website myAccount.

Find more details about registering for myAccount on the Revenue website

The information you will need to register your new job with LSC is as follows:
• LSC employer number – 6380332D
• Your start date
• Pay frequency is monthly
• Estimate of your overall income for the year
• If you have recently moved to Ireland, you will need to provide some additional details such as arrival date

It is important that you review your tax credits and cut off to ensure they are correct based on your personal circumstances. If you have queries you can contact the Revenue on +353 (01) 738 36 36 and they will discuss your query and resolve it.

Please enter number of hours worked per day in your timesheet (tea/lunch breaks not to be included)
For annual leave and public holidays* please enter 0 hours on your timesheet
For sick leave please enter 0 hours on your timesheet (note: you are not entitled to be paid for sick leave)
*If you are a PAYE employee you are entitled to be paid for 9 bank holidays: Christmas Day, St. Stephen’s Day, New Year’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Monday, May Bank Holiday, June Bank Holiday, August Bank Holiday and October Bank Holiday

If you are a PAYE consultant – You will be paid on the first Friday after the last Sunday of the month.

If you are a LTD consultant – You will be paid by the 15th of every month on receipt of authorised timesheets and an accurate invoice

You will receive payslips monthly via email with payroll

You will also receive a PIN to open all your payslips via email prior to your first payslip

Expenses that can be claimed back need to be pre-approved by your Hiring Manager and you must provide an approved expense sheet and receipts for re-imbursement.

Please contact [email protected] for more information as procedure varies from site to site.

Expenses are generally processed twice monthly and our accounts team will confirm via email once the payment has been issued.

Please complete the annual leave form sent to you with on-boarding. Fill out as outlined and return to [email protected]

If you are requesting leave that is greater than 1 week you need to request this one month in advance.

Note only PAYE employees are entitled to annual leave.

If you are sick and unable to attend work, you need to contact your Hiring Manager and our consultant care team ([email protected]) LSC by 10am to inform them you will not be on site due to illness.

If you are unable to attend work for more than 2 days you must provide a doctor’s cert.

If you are absent for more than 1 week you must forward a doctor’s cert weekly and provide a “Certificate of fitness to work” on return.

At LSC we don’t make any contribution to pensions however you could contribute to a designated pension and we could deduct this from your monthly payment.

Regards opting for a pension City Life Wealth Advisors are our appointed advisors.
If you would like to get in touch with them for more information their contact details are below
and please be sure to advise them you are contracting through LSC.

City Life Wealth Advisors ->              T: +353 21 4358533


Absolutely, please get in touch with our consultant care team ([email protected]) and we will send you out the application form. Once you choose your bike please ensure the shop is happy to invoice LSC directly and advise them you are purchasing the bike under the bike to work scheme. The bike can be up to the value of €1,000 . We will pay the shop for the bike and then we deduct the cost from your salary, so you then are not paying tax on the cost of the bike. The cost of the bike can be deducted over more than one month’s salary (has to be agreed what time line depending on cost and contract etc.).

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