Posted Ago 14, 2016
Summer is officially here and the Irish and European Life Sciences market is still moving at a phenomenal pace. Earlier this year LSC completed a market review and salary survey which looked at the Irish and European Life Sciences market for 2016. We took a quick look at our survey this week to remind ourselves of what we had learnt earlier this year.
Some of the key points in our market review & salary survey for 2016 were:
  • Our key European markets are seeing continued growth and increased opportunities
  • Rates per hour in Ireland are slowly increasing, in particular in key skills such as Automation, C&Q and Bioprocess specialists
  • Graduate programs have been implemented or expanded in most of our clients
  • Inter-sector skills cross-over is increasing (i.e professionals in Pharma moving to Biotech or Aerospace moving into Med Device etc.)
  • The number of new projects in Life Sciences continues to grow (Shire announcement April 2016). While other sectors have slowed year on year the Life Sciences market continues to make significant capital investment and further jobs announcements.
At the end of the year we will review the 2016 survey again and look forward into 2017 with a revised market and salary survey.
If you want to receive a copy of our 2016 Salary Survey and market predictions please send an email to [email protected] and put Salary Survey in the title. We will reply with a copy.