4,000 girls to attend the technology-career event I Wish

Posted Jan 16, 2017

LSC are very proud to support the I-wish event taking place on the 9th-10th of February at the City Hall in Cork. Annette Keane, Operations Director, LSC will be attending the event to offer advice and share her experience of being a Science graduate working in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry.

See the below piece from the Irish Examiner for more information on the upcoming event and for more information on iWish or to register for the event visit www.iwish.ie (2017 event now closed)

Leading game designers and top executives in firms like Google and Twitter will be joined by women with high-ranking roles in multinationals such as Accenture, Stryker, and Johnson & Johnson, to inspire female students to follow in their footsteps.

The initiative began three years ago, when three Cork businesswomen held the first I Wish event locally, but Cork and Dublin will each host two days of speakers and exhibitions this February.

The idea is to change the gender imbalance in science, technology, engineering, and maths (Stem) studies by showcasing the success stories of women in those disciplines.

“There will also be young female entrepreneurs from a variety of Stem backgrounds, talking about their careers, as well as young women with careers in traditionally male-dominated areas, such as engineering and maths,” said Gillian Keating, one of the I Wish founders.

The events will combine panels of speakers talking about how they got into their careers, but will also be an opportunity to meet exhibitors from companies looking for bright young people to join them in the Stem fields.

One of the speakers is Ciara Judge, who is involved in a number of entrepreneurial initiatives. She was a joint winner of the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition four years ago, along with classmates from Kinsale Community School, Co Cork.

Article copied from the Irish Examiner, Tuesday, January 10, 2017 / Niall Murray – Education Correspondent