Brexit and the Life Science secor

Brexit is a hot topic in the news at the moment, but what does it mean for the Life Science industry?

While the eventual outcome and effects of Brexit (Deal/No-Deal) are still unclear there is certainly a lot of concern and anxiety in the Pharma and Biotech sector surrounding the impact of Brexit on the industry. What will Brexit mean for medicine supply, capital investment, cross border collaboration and movement of researchers?

Below we look at some commentary around the web concerning Brexit and it’s potential impact on the Life Science sector.

Headline: Astrazeneca halts UK investment due to Brexit uncertainties
AstraZeneca has suspended investments in Britain due to the lack of clarity over the country’s departure from the European Union, the pharmaceutical firm’s non-executive chairman Leif Johansson told France’s Le Monde newspaper. Click here for the full article>>

Headline: Clinical Trials plummet in the UK as Brexit looms
An interesting article that suggests a 25% year on year (2016 to 2017) drop in UK clinical trials is related to Brexit regulatory approval concerns. Click here for the full article>>

Headline: Where does Brexit leave European Biotech?
This high-level article covers all the angles of Brexit and the European Biotech sector. Click here for the full article>>

Headline: Pfizer estimates its Brexit costs will reach $100m
. significant number of Pharma/Biotech companies flag the risks and costs associated with Brexit. Click here for the full article>>

Headline: Brexit and the pharmaceutical industry: what happens if there’s no deal?
A look at some of the challenges and risks of a no deal Brexit. Click here for the full article>>

What are your thoughts on the topic?

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