Automation Engineering Careers

The current industry expansions underway are heavily automated which is driving an increased demand for automation engineers and engineers with experience in related manufacturing IT systems. As facilities become more automated the teams required for their development, operation and support grows.

The burgeoning emphasis on knowledge management and the exponential growth in manufacturing and product/process data from systems such as MES, PAT and Serialisation has given rise to new roles in areas such as data analytics and statistics as well as an increased regulatory focus on data integrity.

Irish facilities have been at the vanguard of the adoption and development of many of these systems, both domestically and globally, which has driven the growth in Irish vendor companies working in this area. This in turn has increased the demand for those with experience in systems development and implementation.

Specialised Automation Engineering Jobs

LSC are always looking for experienced Automation engineers in:

  • Delta V;
  • GAMP ;
  • S88; and
  • Batch.

Whatever type of engineer you are, if you can’t find what you are looking for below, then please contact LSC at:

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